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      專注設計/印刷/亞克力制品/包裝13年 值得信賴?





        Kunshan Chengyuan Paper Products Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the printing industry. It specializes in producing various kinds of special labels such as Kunshan self-adhesive labels, bar code labels, PP/PET, anti-counterfeiting, fragile paper, and temperature labels. Hanging brand, no carbon joint, color printing company.

        Founded in March 2006, the factory is located in Maoxuan Industrial Park, 299.1 Songjiagang Road, Kunshan City. It has convenient transportation and can provide product design, printing, post-press processing, quality inspection and factory for new and old friends. Car logistics distribution, after-sales service a complete set of quality service system.

        The company is based on the credibility of building credibility, professional survival, quality and development, service and brand value of the core values, Chengyuan has been constantly striving and growing, to provide customers with cost-effective products. Welcome new and old customers to come to the factory to inquire business, we sincerely serve you, add value to your products, and create a beautiful blue sky.